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Related article: Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 12:11:58 +1030 From: Philip Whitney Subject: After Sport Massage Part 1Philip and Tony had been playing football together for years, so were pretty good friends. This year they were together in the under sixteens. As they were getting changed after a strenuous training session, Tony complained about his sore legs and said he really needed them massaged. Philip said he could do it, but Tony would have to come to his house, as he didn't have any massage oil with him.Philip's house was quite close to the sports ground and since he would be using oil, he suggested they forego their showers till after the massage.After a short stroll they arrived at Philip's house and as no-one was home, grabbed a drink and went up to his room.Putting towels on his bed he told Tony to strip to his briefs and lie on the towel while he looked for the massage oil.Coming out of his bathroom he was excited to see Tony lying nearly naked on his bed. Tony was not wearing briefs, but a jock, so the golden globes of his beautiful bum were clearly exposed to Philip's eyes. This was something he had been fantasizing about for some time, as Tony had a body to die for and a smile to light up any room.Not wanting to get oil on his sports clothes he stripped down to his briefs himself and opened up the bottle of oil."Do you want a full massage, or just your sore legs?" he asked Tony. "As I don't have anything else planned for today, might as well have the works." came the reply.Philip started on Tony's feet and using his thumbs he worked the oil into the soles, causing a slight moan from the recipient. "This seems promising," Philip thought. Then came the calf muscles and Philip gave them a good work over, causing Tony's moans to increase. Since Philip's bed was large and he had placed the towels in the middle the only way to access Tony's thighs was to climb on to the bed as well.Straddling Tony's legs he set to work on the thigh muscles. At first he used his thumbs, so that the fingers of his hands were on the outside and inside of Tony's thighs. As he moved further up the thigh he allowed his fingers to slip under the strap of the jock and caress those golden globes, which were now glistening with massage oil. After a short while Philip noticed Tony Bbs Preteen Models flexing his bum cheeks together and it certainly looked like Tony was slowly humping Philip's bed. In order to massage Tony's back Philip had to move further up the legs, but when he leaned forward to do the upper back, his own dick, which was at full mast had to press against Tony's bum. With each upward stroke his dick rubbed along the crack between the bum cheeks and after a while Philip realized he was concentrating more on humping Tony's bum rather than the massage. As well Tony seemed to be pressing upwards with each stroke, as the two boys got into a rhythm. Then it happened, Philip's hard dick slipped out of the confines of his briefs and his naked knob, lubricated by the massage oil slipped easily along Tony's bum crack. Realizing he was about to cum, Philip lifted off and slapping Tony playfully on his bare bum he told him to turn over.Tony's eyes were tight shut and his cheeks were definitely blushing. His dick was pushing out the jock to its limit, highlighting the huge wet spot across the front. Philip ignored the lower legs and went straight to the thighs. This time he knelt between the legs, pushing them out allowing more access to the inner thighs. Neither boys spoke, but their breathing got heavier as Philip's fingers stroked the inside of Tony's thighs, brushing his balls with each movement. Philip now focused on the trail of hair from Tony's belly button, disappearing into the band of the jock strap. with each stroke he allowed his thumbs to slip below the band Bbs Preteen Models and down to the silken strands of Tony's pubes. With this movement Tony's moan almost became a whimper. In order to do the chest area, Philip had to push Tony's legs even wider. Stretching up his throbbing member, back in the confines of his briefs pushed against Tony's aching dick. Immediately there were three strong pulses coming from Tony dick as if he was about to cum. Philip stopped and held that position. He stared at Tony's face for several seconds before he realized Tony was staring back at him. He so wanted to kiss those lips, but held back not knowing what the reaction would be. Then with the biggest smile Philip had ever seen, Tony lifted his face towards Philip's and their lips met for the first time. Philip had wanted this for so long, but unbeknown to Philip so had Tony. The aching muscles were just a ploy to see how things would go.With tongue's exploring each other's mouths and hips slowly gyrating they made out till their mouths were sore. Tony's hands which had been gently needing Philip's bum, slipped inside his briefs pushing them down his thighs. Philip then had to assist as the front of his briefs were painfully caught on his six and a half inch uncut throbbing member. Kicking his briefs aside he lifted Tony's jock up and out over Tony's joy stick, exposing the most beautiful dick Philip had ever seen. Taking Tony's hands he helped him off the bed and they hugged for the first time. Naked skin against naked skin, hands on each other's bum cheeks pressing their crotches together felt like they had both died and gone to heaven."How's those aching limbs?" Philip whispered in Tony's ear."Never felt better." came the reply
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